The terms “We” / “Us” / “Our”/”Company” individually and collectively refer to Urban India and the terms “Visitor” ”User” refer to the users.


This page states the Terms and Conditions for the visitor who intended to buy and visit from our website or our portals. We would like you to go through all the terms and conditions, stated here.


We reserve the rights to revise the Terms and Condition at any given time by Updating the posting. You must visit the page periodically to reappraise the Terms and Conditions. Reappraising is must for all the beloved users of the website




All the logos, brandname, labels, signature, numerals, or shape of any combination appearing on this website is noted to be the properties either owned or used under the licence, by the business or its associate entities who feature on this website. The usage of these content is strictly prohibited.


You may not modify the content of this website and reproduce it either publicly or on other websites. Neither you can distribute material in any way for any public or commercial purpose without the written permission of the business.


Security Rules:-

All the visitors are prohibited from violating or attempting the security of website.

  • Accessing the data which is not intended for the users, such as logging into the server.
  • Attempting to test the vulnerability of the network without the proper authorisation is a breach of security.
  • Attempting to interfere with any service to any user or network via means of submitting an virus is also a security breach and is considered criminal.
  • If you send unsolicited electronic mail, including promotions or advertising products is also a violation of network security and results in criminal liability.

The Business and its associate entities reserve the right to investigate occurrences that they suspect as violation and can also involve the corporate law enforcement authorities in prosecuting the users involved in such violation.

General Rules:-

The visitor may not use the our website in order to distribute, transmit, store or destroy materials.

  • A person or a body who encourage such conduct is considered as criminal offence .
  • Violating a copyright trademark, trade secret,or other intellectual properties rights of others, at personal or professional level is also an criminal offence.
  • One must not use abusive and hateful language or may not threaten others, It is an obscene offence.

Breaching of any law stated above or the one which is not stated will lead to criminal offence.