Traditional Dresses of Punjab for Women

India is the land where you witness the largest amalgamation of diversified cultures. Punjab is one of the popular states that encompass the oldest and richest cultures of Ancient India. Decorated in bright colours, lush green fields, deep blue rivers, and all-time high spirited people; Punjab is famous for its zeal and vibrancy.

The traditional Punjabi dress is the main attraction that enables any individual to recognize a hardcore Punjabi. The ethnic clothes of Punjab speak volumes of the rural handicraft, culture, festivities, and way of life. They form the perfect blend of colours, comfort and ancient charm.

Punjabi feminine attire has uplifted trends throughout the nation. They are a forever favourite among local Punjabis, Bollywood divas, as well as the common Indian women, wear. None can deny nor match the level of comfort of Punjabi Churidar or Patiala exudes.

We acquaint you with the basic traditional Punjabi Dress that will enable you to update your mundane Punjabi Sense of Fashion to great heights.

Types of Traditional Punjabi Dress worn by Women in Punjab:


1. Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala is the royal city of Punjab from where this traditional Punjabi dress has earned its celebrated name. It is the most eye-catching loose-fitting yet fashionable silhouette that can never go out of trend. Patiala Salwar kameez looks very much like Paithani suits. It is a 3 piece ensemble that comprises of 

· Salwar: 

It is the loosely fitted set of trouser bottoms that has a wide ballooning style at the top that tapers down as the pleats join at the bottom. It was initially donned by men of the royal community and later became an inherent part of the Punjabi Women's attire.

The salwar has pleats at the waist that can be adjusted with a drawstring as per comfort. This makes it an easy-to-wear outfit on the move. The fall of the pleats and abundance of fabric imparts a stunning draping effect.

· Kameez: 

The top is known as the kameez. It is generally a well fitted, long-sleeved, knee-length Kurti with side cuts that are open till below the navel.

· Dupatta: 

The dupatta is the headscarf or stole worn over the shoulders. It is usually made from an attractive shining fabric. At times the dupatta is crafted with intricate Phulkari designs in the form of a shawl.

The Patiala Salwar kameez is available in a myriad of colours and a wide array of beautiful fabrics. To enhance the allure and simplicity of this suit, exquisite fine art in the form of Kashida work, Aari work, Mughal Jamawar, StoneworkTella work, Mirror work, and other embellishments are done.

2. Phulkari Suits 

The term “Phulkari” in simple words means  ” flower craft”. It is also known as “ Bagh” Phulkari work is the handicraft that defines Punjabi culture. It is the core of Punjabi craftsmanship and expertise that dates back to the 15th century. Phulkari designs are common over the dupattas in Punjabi suits. Punjabi suit with a Phulkari Dupatta forms a perfect team. At times the kameez is too adorned with Phulkari. Not only suits; but scarfs, purses stitched in Punjab also speak Phulkari.

Phulkari work demands a lot of time and expertise. It is mainly the work of flower designs in the form of a garden over the quality fabric. Rich flower embroidery in bright, iridescent and brilliant colours and intricate patterns define Phulkari. There is extensive use of folk motifs in the stitching. It is the floral heritage of Punjab that adds a splash of vibrancy to the basic Punjabi suit. It is an ancient artwork that is worn by rural women as regular wear in Punjab. It is the staple royal traditional Punjabi dress adorned by the bride at Punjabi weddings or by the mother-to-be at Baby Shower or Baby birth.

3. Churidar Kurtis

Who does not know about the popular ”Kurti”?

Kurtis is available in a plethora of colours, designs, and styles. Kurtis, when‌ ‌teamed ‌with‌ ‌churidar‌ ‌pants, is a classic killer combination. This outfit can be carried by women of any age and still speak beautifully. It has been popularized countrywide to such an extent that it has become a staple costume of the youth and working women in India. Urban as well as rural females definitely have this basic combination in their closet.

The churidar pants are tight-fitting trousers with extensive fabric at the ankle bottom which is uniquely bunched up to form folds that resemble Indian bangles (chooris). This is how the churidar pants have derived their name. Kurtis worn over the churidar pants is called Churidar Kurtis. This traditional Punjabi dress can be either long or short depending upon personal choice.

Denim, Anarkali style, front slit style, short, asymmetrical hem are a few varieties of churidar Kurtis.

4. Punjabi Ghaghra

 This traditional Punjabi dress is a 4 piece ensemble comprising of 

· Headscarf: 

The scarf is a basic dupatta that has been crafted or embroidered with local designs. Phulkari work is commonly woven on this scarf.

· Kurta/ Kurti:

The upper garment is termed as the kurta/Kurti. It is either long/short with side slits up to the waist.  The lower part usually exhibits a beautiful embroidered border. 

· Ghaghra:

It is a long flared skirt that has an adorned hemline. The Ghaghra twirls around when you move in circles.

· Punjabi Salwar: 

The salwar pants are baggy trousers worn beneath the Ghaghra.

Punjabi Ghaghra Choli is commonly worn by rural Punjabi women. It is classy yet comfortable. The bridal Punjabi costume is generally crafted in this style. It is available in different fabrics like brocade, chiffon, net, crepe, satin, silk & georgette. Beadwork, zari work, and mirror work are done to bring life into the mundane outfit. Accessorize the Punjabi Ghaghra with Paranda, Juttis, Jhoomars and a dozen bangles to rock this ultimate Punjabi style.


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