Top 7 South Indian Silk Sarees which Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe


India has time and again put forward the finest collection of silk sarees globally. The South Indian silk sarees have had a special place in every woman’s heart. These sarees are available in a wide variety both for weddings and other special occasions. Today women from different nations, castes, and creeds have shown a preference for this exquisite piece of clothing.

The charm of this is enhanced with beads, mirrors, zardosi work and distinct textures. The fashion designers today weave enchanted ensembles with intricate artistry giving a new form to strands of smooth silk. It carries an inherent sheen that makes the sarees worth its value. Urban India’s online store brings to you legit silk sarees at an affordable price. 

Types of South Indian Silk Sarees - 


Kanjivaram Saree-

These sarees are made up of three threads twisted together making them heavier and more regal in terms of looks than other silk sarees. A single saree takes up to a month to reach its final form. This is the case because of the exclusive way in which it is stitched. The body, border, and pallu are crafted separately and then interlocked together to make a complete piece. 

The skill of making these South Indian silk sarees has been passed on over several generations. Its technique is remarkably unique and intricate which sets this saree apart from the usual. This saree’s cost depends on how much zari has been interwoven in it and the type of silk used. The most expensive sarees are made of excellent quality of silk with amazing zari-work and embellishments.

Mysore Silk Saree-

The most distinct characteristic of this saree is the use of pure silk with authentic gold zari giving it a glamorous sheen. Mysore silk saree originates from Karnataka and the fabric used was the first known production of machine-made silk in India. Women usually don these elegant sarees for festivals or weddings. They have a single solid colour base with beautiful gold zari designs. While colours like orange, green and red are famous, the latest inclusions are pastels like dark grey, brown, rich lilac and more.

When rightly preserved, these South Indian silk sarees can stay fresh and last for decades. Travellers visiting Mysore from across the world ensure that they pay a visit to the factories that manufacture this ethnic wonder. They come under Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC) which was established in 1902. These silk sarees can cost anywhere between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 8,500. However, the expensive ones can go up to a couple of lakhs.

Pochampally Ikat Saree-

This saree is made by dyeing the yarn in knots before weaving them together. Among all the elegant sarees available, the Pochampally sarees deserve an exceptional mention. These South Indian sarees have been the most evolved of all silk sarees with features like geometric designs, patterns and use of bold colours. 

The combination of black-white, pink-green and yellow-purple may stun you as the colours are quite beautifully fused. The use of zari on this saree is lighter compared to other traditional variants, but they are just as exquisite.

These sarees have been popular on international ramps with designers adding their wizardry to this ethnic wear. The most distinct characteristic of this saree is its ability to cater to the modern style sensibilities.

Pochampally sarees makes any woman look poised and gorgeous. You can accessorize it using heavy gold jewellery with conventional patterns. If you are willing to go light, pair with pieces of Polki Jewellery.

Gadwal Saree-

This saree originated from Andhra Pradesh is known for its remarkable folding limit. It can literally fit into a match-box and stay brand new for centuries. The Gadwal silk saree has golden brocade patterns and a body made of contrasting colours. These South Indian sarees are mostly plain or have Butti pattern with floral and paisleys motifs. The border ranges from thin to broad and usually are covered with zari work. The prime Gadwal sarees are made by a mix of cotton and silk and are lustrous in look.

In earlier times, these silk sarees were available only in earthy colours with regal designs. But, with modernization, there came an evolution. The designs progressed from temples to other shapes that conveyed the same message. Though the fashion composition has become contemporary, the traditional touch stays intact in these sarees. This is what makes it a saree for party wear as well as other urban-rural occasions.

Konrad Saree-

This hand-woven South Indian silk saree is also called as Mubbhagam or Temple saree. They were first made for statues of goddesses in a temple but gradually made their appearances in the market for women everywhere. The Konrad sarees are mostly fabricated in the eastern parts of Tamil Nadu. They acquired the status of being glorious due to their weaving method and outstanding designs. These silk sarees are also peculiar because of their intricate patterns of motifs like flowers, vines, animals, and birds.

The fabric for this saree is carefully selected to maintain the quality of this fascinating attire. The borders are adorned with exclusive zari designs. These sarees are commonly given good texture using stripes or checks. It’s called the Pettu or Kampri stripes. They are mostly donned at weddings or high-end functions. The best of Konrad Sarees may go up to five lakhs in price, though you can also get the basic ones at around 7K. Accessorize with heavy diamond jewellery to portray a queen-like look.

Kavasu Saree-

The Kavasu Saree is one of the most ancient apparel not just in India but across the planet. It's directly descended from the Mundum Neriyathum, the oldest saree type that was worn thousands of years ago. These sarees have been the traditional wear of females in Kerala for ages, they are usually white with gold borders. They are passed down from one generation to another and are considered auspicious in the Malayali culture.

This white-gold contrast which creates exquisite synchrony is further emphasized by artistic motifs of flowers and leaves. The hand-woven pieces are much more expensive and take significantly more time to complete than the machine-woven. These South Indian silk sarees are in high demand because of their simple yet royal appeal. 


Dharmavaram Saree-

This silk attire has a royal charm making it the ideal South Indian saree for wedding. The beauty of detailed designs would leave you awe-struck! Other than looks, one thing that sets this saree apart from others is its comfort. One can move freely donning this gorgeous apparel. 

The Dharmavaram sarees having dual muted colours dyed fabric began spreading out the wings of beauty about 140 years ago. The popularity of these sarees has reached its peak but yet is escalating. This has led to an increase in price, the sarees today range between mere 2k to approximately a lakh. Team this apparel with a gajra or veni alongside traditional diamond or gold jewellery to look awesome.


The sarees mentioned above are a bit on the expensive side. Don’t get upset though, we at Urban India bring to you several types of South Indian saree for weddings, festivals, and parties. Visit our website and drive your dressing woes away with incredible sarees and other garments in a budget. We believe in delivering quality attire that brings an instant smile on your face. Our collection is ethnically modern and ticks all the parameters required to become a perfect outfit.

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