Top 7 Best Indian Wedding Attires Around the Country

Traditions and core cultures define India. People belonging to different religions follow their own customs. Not only this, there are a variety of languages spoken and diversified fashion developed around the country.

Indian wedding is famous for its rich cultures, unique rituals and of course the dresses. There is a lot to explore when it comes to Indian wedding dresses.

India is a place where weddings are celebrated as a big family festival. The highlight of the Indian wedding is often what the bride and groom are wearing. A wedding dress for a girl is her unique style depending on the place she belongs to. It has to be the best of all with the perfect blend of modern and traditional!

Several online stores like Urban India provide a beautifully curated collection of Indian wedding dresses. You will surely be spoilt with choices.  From wedding gowns to bridal lehenga, you can have it all as per your needs. The best part is you can also have your latest trends in the form beautifully designed salwar kameez and Tulle skirt covered through online stores for your special occasion.

Lehenga Choli

Red bridal lehenga has been the most preferred attire for many decades now. No other dress can match the glamour and grace it carries. With high demand, designers are spicing things up to present this type of traditional lehenga with suitable silhouettes and styles.

It is just an ideal choice for ethnic fashion and tradition. Red is every Indian bride’s favourite colour. You can have this amazing attire made of multiple types of fabrics and designs, which can undoubtedly make you steal the show on your most special day.

Nauvari( Maharashtra )

Maharashtra has its own culture and stands out from the other states of India. You will find Maharashtrian women wearing many types of traditional wear on their special occasion. Among them, Nauvari is one of the well-known conventional wears crafted with the use of unique patterns and designs.

Maharashtrian weddings are celebrated with full grace and beauty. You will find lots of women wearing readymade Nauvari saree to make their occasion even more special.

Wedding Gown( Goa )

You will find brides in Goa wearing a traditional white wedding gown which has been designed beautifully. These wedding gowns are made of silk and satin fabric with the use of delicate embellishments along with the veil.

The overall look of a wedding gown is very classic, with a touch of traditional designs. Fashion designers help ladies in Goa avail their gown as per customized needs suiting perfectly to their body type and styling needs.

Traditional Punjabi Ghagra:

Punjabi Ghagra is one of the few traditional bridal dresses which has been modernized quite exclusively. You can avail traditional Punjabi ghagra as a part of a four-piece outfit. It has been originated in Punjab but has become solely quite popular all over the country.

This attire is available in vibrant colours and unique patterns. You can select according to your needs and comfort.  Because of its unique design and patterns, it has become one of the go-to Punjabi bride dresses of all time.


It is the most favourite Indian saree adored during the time of the wedding season. Generally, Gujarati women wear this type of sarees on the special occasion. It might not be a bridal saree, but its combination of red and white makes it very special and vibrant to adorn on your special day.

It is a ceremonial saree which is presented to the bride on her D-Day. This type of silk saree has to be in your collection to look at your best.

Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram saree is one of the most favourite attires of South Indian brides. It has been there for years now and has become one of the most popular fashion attires in this part of India.

You can even avail the latest as well as traditional Kanjivaram saree from online stores. Not only does it look beautiful on your big day, but it also makes you stand out as a stunning bride.

Tant (Bengali Saree)

Tant saree is among the most popular sarees donned by the women of Bengal. It is amazingly soft, light, and very comfortable to drape.

Tant sarees are characterized by a decorative Pallav and a broad border. It is woven with a variety of paisley and floral motifs. Its popularity has reached a pinnacle.

The best thing about this type of saree is the combination of colour and designs which are unique and classy.  

These are an array of wedding dresses used in the different parts of the country.   These dresses are not only fashionable, but they have a rich history associated with them, making it more special.

So, all you need to do is go shopping with all these new ideas about what you can wear at your wedding!


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