Top 7 Best Designer Sarees for Every Women Should Own

Designer sarees are one of the most trending and evergreen women wears. It is not only adored here in the subcontinent but also worldwide. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. Famous fashionistas design Designer Sarees and adorned by celebrities.

If you are looking for the best designer saree for your special occasion, we will help you with it! You can filter according to your color, material, fabric, pattern and add it to your cart. Below mentioned are different types of designer sarees you can choose from, read along:

Types of Saree 

Chiffon Saree

An amazingly designed pure chiffon saree is every girl’s dream to adore. You might have seen many Bollywood actress wearing Designer Chiffon Sarees and publicizing it. There is a reason behind every woman in the country falling in love with the chiffon sarees. Not only it has the best drape compared to others, but it is also very comfortable. You can add these to your collection with ease form online stores. You can choose from the chiffon sarees party wear category and select your design wisely. Silk is used to craft the best quality chiffon. But for the cheaper range, you can also purchase the ones made from nylon.

The sarees crafted with the use of chiffon has a lot of styles and patterns. The reason behind this is because of the versatility it has. There are many different patterns available in the form of Chanderi print sarees, Banarasi work pure chiffon sarees, and more. You can easily buy it online and get it delivered to your place!

Georgette Saree

Give yourself a charismatic look with a beautiful party wear Georgette Sarees. These sarees are just the perfect choice for one willing to match with the trend and also traditional needs. There are many exceptionally designed georgette sarees which match matches latest trends and helps you look classy. The best thing about it is that you can have it at very reasonable rates. Many online stores are helping you avail beautiful designer georgette sarees below 500. You can select it according to your needs by filtering the various attributes. Georgette sarees with the designer blouse will get all eyes on you, and you will love it!

There are many online stores providing georgette sarees of vibrant designs, colours, and styles. You will surely get your choice covered from these online stores and that too without any quality related issues. So, shop your favourite georgette sarees to avail that stunning new look.

Kalamkari saree

Kalamkari sarees in Pothys are trendy designer sarees adored by Persians. In India, you will find beautiful kalamkari sarees worn on special occasions. It helps one look very refreshing and rejuvenating. As the kalamkari suggests, it is more related to art where hand painting or even unique printing is involved. You will find several unique designs that can match as per your occasion needs online. These beautiful sarees goes perfectly well with the traditional requirements. Not only this it also perfects gels with the latest trends. The intricate work in these sarees makes it different and gives it a luxurious appeal. You can have your kalamkari saree needs satisfied by the various attributes from the online store.

You can choose according to your desired color and design with ease. The most amazing part is that you will get the best designer sarees with a price below 1000. You will also have the attribute of gettings sarees delivered at your doorstep. From being comfortable to unique in style, Kalamkari sarees gives you all the delight!

Bomkai Saree

Are you looking for the best designer sarees with elegant designs and comfort? Sambalpuri silk saree has to be your first choice! Bomkai sarees is the name for them in Orissa. These sarees exclusively define the culture of Orissa and is so popular that no wedding is complete without these beautiful attires. The most enticing part of these apparels is that even senior women can wear it with ease. These sarees give an aristocratic look like no other saree in the category. So, if you are looking for something popular yet traditional, Bomkai sarees fits in well. These designer sarees are just perfect for helping you adore the simplicity in a very stylish way.

You can avail these sarees online as per your choice. It is possible to filter according to your needs and get it delivered to your doorstep. You will never have the issues with quality. Most importantly you will get it at very reasonable rates.

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Sarees are just tailor-made for special occasions. There are many vibrant colours and designs to choose from the collection. The rustling silk fabric gives comfort and richness to your appeal. It perfectly blends with rich traditions and western trends. You can purchase Banarasi sarees for a wedding with ease through different online stores. It will allow you to choose for your saree according to your styling needs. You will have different types of Banarasi sarees in the form of organza sarees, Bengali Banarasi sarees and more. So, with online stores, it becomes easier to avail these designer sarees with ease and get it shipped to your place

Banarasi sarees not only give you the delight of old charm but also covers you with the western style. It is a fantastic attire to adore and look fascinating. You can wear it for long hours and that too without feeling any discomfort.

Ikat Saree

Ikat sarees resembles unique patterns and designs which makes it one of the choices for your designer saree needs. It is highly popular for its exclusive diamond shaped designs with paisley patterns. A complicated weaving style is a secret behind these fantastic printed designs. There is a massive demand for Ikat sarees in Gujarat, Telangana, Orissa, and many more places. You will be able to avail it online with ease. You can choose from different categories like Uppada Ikkat sarees, Pochampally Sarees, Ikat cotton sarees and more.

So, get yourself registered online and avail these amazingly designed Ikat sarees. You can purchase it as per your specific attributes and get it right at your doorstep. This saree will let you grab a lot of eyeballs for sure

Baluchari saree

West Bengal is very popular for providing fantastic designer saree collection crafted by local artists. Swarnachari saree is trendy among all accessible designer collections. The reason behind it is their intricate motifs in pure silk fabric. Baluchari saree has its unique flavour known for depicting amazing stories. It is exclusively come a long way blending perfectly with the latest trends. It is highly popular for its gorgeous drapes. So, if you are looking for something traditional yet trending, Baluchari saree has to be your go-to option! You can easily avail it online as per your filtered needs.

So, these are the best designer saree collection you can avail for your special occasion. A designer sarees for a wedding or any other occasion can be availed from Urban India online. We are renowned for providing best designer sarees at nominal rates. You can select with ease as per your specific attributes and get it delivered to your address! Register now!


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