Ruffle Lehenga Choli - Capture The Trend!

Ruffles on an outfit can make anyone look dapper. This trendy fashion brings out the innate kid in all individuals. The western culture has adopted it in all kinds of wears from head to toe. Designers around the world have taken out of box liberty to use this trending fashion and make wonderful dresses to don. On the other hand, India too is getting on this wave and experimenting with outfits like ruffled lehenga choli and sarees. These dresses are getting an excellent response as they enable modern ladies to carry the Indian culture with a western twist.

In this article, we would be talking particularly about how ruffled lehenga choli has emerged as one of the most liked outfits for wedding ceremonies. The off-shoulder blouses with ruffles are famous as sangeet apparel. They go along well with long lehengas with lower half made of layered ruffles. Also, a ruffle-gown along with a simple embroidered top would give you both, an up-town look and comfort!

Ruffle lehenga choli is a dress for all body types. The curvy one can opt for smaller frills whereas the slim can go with longer frills. Ruffle fashion, in the beginning, was only considered for kids. The break into adult clothing lines gave this dressing style a whole new customer base. The fashion that was once limited to a certain age got new wings when it experimented with various attires. Be it the saree, lehenga or other western dresses, everything got good approval ratings from the customers. 

Ruffle lehenga choli especially became a favourite among Bollywood divas. It gave ladies an option to look subtle and joyful at the same time. The ethereally beautiful demeanour this attire has to offer makes it a must-have outfit in the wardrobe for all women. Here’s a list of ruffle lehenga cholis one could opt for to flaunt their beauty on special occasions like weddings, parties or festivals.

Embroidered Ruffle Styled Lehenga:

This designer ruffle lehenga choli has a unique indo-western charm that accentuates your inner diva. The blouse consist of simple embroidered designs and the lehenga has layers of short ruffles attached to it. These ruffles are at times mixed with straight nets and embellished by mirrors/beads to enhance the overall look. One can also notice Katdana-work on such lehenga cholis. 


Striped Ruffle Styled Lehenga:

This designer ruffle lehenga choli is the best option when one requires a simple yet notable look. The embellished border gives this attire it's amazing subtle look. The ruffles are straight and mostly cover the bottom half of lehenga. One can don it with silk blouse having sleeves made of net ruffles alongside light jewellery to look awesome.


Ruffled Taffeta Silk Lehenga:

This ruffle styled lehenga is on the heavier side of attires. It offers an effortless regal look as it has short ruffles covering the lehenga from top to bottom. The fluff on this designer ruffle lehenga choli is significantly bigger. When paired with a simple blouse with long sleeves ending with ruffles, this attire would turn heads on any occasion. Don heavy gold jewellery to augment this ravishing look.


Digital Print Ruffled Lehenga:

This designer ruffle lehenga has printed and plain ruffles aligned one below the other to provide an exclusive look. It can also be full of printed short ruffles from top to bottom of a lehenga. The digital prints cover various designs from geometric to floral and abstract. A heavy plain cotton blouse looks great with this lehenga. This ruffle styled lehenga is mostly famous among younger women.

  • Feb 04, 2020
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