The Beautiful And Evergreen Range Of Linen Sarees

Sarees are an epitome of grace. Whenever a woman is confused about donning Indian ethnic wear, the six yards of grace is the ultimate choice. More so because every saree with its style of draping, colour, print, fabric, and designs makes it unique. You will never run out of choices to find a unique saree. Moreover, there is a lot to experiment with. Simple accessorizing yourself in accordance with the saree can work wonders.

 While there are unending choices and a plethora of options with the types of sarees, there are some which are a forever favourite. If you are a big-time saree-lover, then your wardrobe is incomplete without the Linen sarees. 


The Making: Linen Fabric


With scanty information about the origin of the fabric, it is accepted that the people from the Neolithic period in Europe were among the firsts to make use of the Linen fabric. Linen became immensely popular in countries like Egypt where it was indispensable to use a fabric that is soothing against the sun’s intense heat, rays and one that cools off sweat quickly. 



Linen is also famous as flax fibres. These fibres are manufactured beginning with the separation of the interior flax fibres that are usable from the exterior flax stem. These fibres are spun further into yarns and then rolls. There are various subsets like combing, spinning, reeling, and drying that ultimately lead to the elegant linen saree fabric.

Amazing types of Linen Sarees:

While Linen is an amazing fabric in itself, many other types of yarns are spun with it for an aesthetic appeal. Designers are always on the look of bringing in the most unique fabrics and designs in sarees or any apparel for that matter. They have tried their hands with everything right from handloom sarees, to khadi to polyester. 

 The journey from organic to artificial and back to natural fibres has been of quite many decades. With time, Linen sarees have undergone many variations out of which some are immensely popular nowadays.

Linen Jamdani Saree:

The titular Jamdani sarees are a burgeoning industry from Bengal that is a gift to the world. The Linen sarees are warp yarns. The linen Jamdani sarees involve an additional weft technique besides the primary weft technique that is carried out. All of these attributes to the creation of motifs, shimmer, pattern, etc. which are its unique features.

Linen Jute Saree:

The indigenous and comfortable without being dated is what linen jute sarees are all about. Blended with Linen, Jute sarees make for an amazing collection with Madhubani, Vaarli prints, and signature geometric patterns look extremely beautiful when draped in a pinned form or let loose.

Linen Khadi Saree:

The khadi culture in India is age-old. It was a part of its revolutionary phase as well. The great Mahatma Gandhi propagated the use of Khadi in its native form. Today, khadi has taken a modern twist by combining with linen altering its properties by forming the best of both fabrics. Khadi fabric becomes soft after a wash. When combined with a sturdy fabric like linen, it becomes better. Thus you can find the ultimate combo in a Khadi linen saree. 

Printed Linen Saree:

The thing about a printed linen saree is that the designs can be finely observed on it. Right from polka dots to very modernized designs, women today prefer linen khadi sarees for most traditional weddings as well as family get-togethers. When worn and styled in the right form, the linen khadi sarees can look extremely elegant for sophisticated outings.

Linen Tissue Saree:

Linen Tissue sarees are extremely popular these days. If you have ever seen the lustrous linen tissue saree, you would know that it is a sight to behold. This type of saree is usually plain without designs. But, if at all they are present, it is floral. Many designers play with colour schemes and shadows that give a pleasant finish. 

Why Women prefer linen sarees?

Linen sarees have the quality to make a woman look breathtakingly beautiful. It has very basic requirements to be taken care of. Linen sarees are so popular today as the traditional yet quintessentially modern sarees that they give a tough competition even to the silk sarees. There are some outstanding properties why many women opt for these fabric linen sarees.

  • Natural heat and moisture-wicking properties
  • Hold dye colours pretty well & hence available in almost all colours.
  • Has anti-bacterial properties
  • It is a natural fibre. Therefore it is skin-friendly.

The Best collection of Linen Sarees:

By now you must be totally convinced to but the trendiest designer linen saree for yourself. And, if we are right you must be already searching a saree online. So, to find the best of the fabric for all seasons, visit the Urban India online store for ethnic fashion at par. 

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