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Indian clothing has an immense variety that has been impacted by its diversified culture. Fashion trends are constantly evolving with changing times.

Kurti is a common staple attire of many women across India. Kurti is a classic comfort clothing that can never be discarded due to its versatility. 

The Front slit Kurti is one such variant in the entire range of Kurtis that breaks the monotony and brings a new twist to basics with panache. This slit version of Kurtis helps set your style parameter ablaze.

Front Slit Kurti in Casual wear and Party Wear

The Front Open Kurti is an upcoming Bohemian version of the simple sleek Kurti that has occupied a prominent place in the Indian female wardrobe.

The distinctive element of the Front Cut Kurti is the cut/slit in the front portion of the Kurti that imparts an unconventional character to the entire ensemble. The cut is usually placed in the center and there are 3 variants depending upon the length of the cut: 

·   Cut extending till the ankles


  Cut extending till the midriff


·   Cut extending till the bust line exposing waistline


“Higher the cut, crazier the look.”

The front cut is at times off-centred to add an extra twist and drama to the already flattering outfit. Designers also experiment with multiple slits to quench the thirst of Front Cut Kurti with jeans lovers.

In the Front Open Kurti where the cut extends till bust line, another layer of inner fabric is attached to give the layered look. The outer fabric in such cases is usually made of sheer see-through material.

Sleeves and neck designs can be easily manipulated in Front Open Kurti to add an edgy vibe to the trending attire. Buttoned up Front Cut Kurti with jeans is also another variant that provides dual applications: 

Firstly it can be worn as a Kurti with leggings and secondly it can be worn as a jacket on a body snug top with jeans.

The Front Open Kurti is available in embroidered and embellished styles, perfect for festive occasions. Be it party wear or casual wear, one can easily dazzle the floor with Front Slit Kurti in an array of bright prints, floral designs, intricate detailing, asymmetrical cuts, printed variants, collared formals, dazzling Anarkali, pastel shades and lots more.


How Front Slit Kurti is chic and comfy

Front Slit Kurti is the most sought after the Pakistani long Kurti online. It is the easiest alternative for anyone who desires style with comfort.

Longer the front-slit, more the leg area for movement. High slits are a big hit these season as they:

  •   Allow the waistline to play peek a boo
  •   Easily showcase well-toned legs

For women with curvaceous waists, Front Open Kurti easily helps conceal all the extra inches with ease. It provides inches to your height and makes you look taller and slimmer.

Front Cut Kurti with jeans is a favourite Summer outfit as they are flowy and ensure ease of movement. It is the perfect attire for girls who adore maxi dresses. This Kurtis can be effortlessly matched with solid colour churidars, printed palazzos, trendy jeans or cigarette pants.

Some Kurtis has the slit embellished with pearls, sequins, piping or buttons to enhance the style appeal.

Fabrics Used To Make Slit Kurtis

Front Slit Kurtis is trending high in the Kurtis radar this season. So get set to fire up your attire by ditching the simple Kurti for the offbeat Front Slit Kurti!

Front Open Kurti can be sported amazingly in flowy fabric materials like Georgette, Chiffon, and Silk. These fabrics enhance the drape and flow factor of the attire. However, designers recently experiment with Polyester, Rayon, Net, Cotton Satin, Chanderi and lots more. 

Intricate embroidery helps uplift the simplicity. Cotton Kurtis are also available for daily wear.


Styling With Front Slit Kurtis 

“Experimenting with Style is fun” 

Front Slit Kurti is a new face of traditional Kurtis. It is crucial to comprehend the look and feel of each Kurti prior to styling it up to extract the best result. We offer you a brief guide that will help you to bring out the fashionista in you with ease. Channel the style bug in yourself by matching Front Cut Kurtis with trendy options enlisted below:

->  Leggings


The all-time evergreen versatile combination of all ages is the leggings and Kurti combination. You can never go wrong with leggings. Match your Kurti with a solid colour complementing the shade of leggings to rock any Kurti with mastery.


->  Jeans  


Front Cut Kurti with Jeans is a killer combination adopted by the modern Indian woman. It offers a clever mix of both vintage and ultramodern worlds. 

The delicacy of the Kurti with the ruggedness of blue denim offers a sharp gaze to a timeless front cut Kurti with jeans combo. A well-fitted pair of denim can be worn, but a ripped/torn denim goes best.


->  Palazzo


Spice up your ethnic style with elite Palazzos in complementing shade with your Kurti. These Pakistani pants are a classic combo that comes in 2 variants:

  •       Narrow
  •       Wide-flared

Break the rules with Printed/layered palazzos in silk, chiffon, Khadi, denim or net. It is a breezy and light-weight option for any sunny day.


->  Cigarette pants


Discover your fashion calling with a ravishing set of cigarette pants to match your Front Open Kurtis. Win your style game with this effortless and chic combo that is best suited for a formal event.


Urban India is your online fashion retailer for a handpicked collection of exclusive Front Cut Kurtis. Add a dash of glamour to your wardrobe by shopping with us at pocket-friendly prices today!

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