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Women always love to look pretty is different outfits. They crave for a new outfit that could make them look lovelier almost every week! Salwar kameez among all the latest Indian apparel is undoubtedly the most pleasant and appropriate garment. 

Compared to options like lehenga and saree, salwar kameez can be worn during any season and for any occasion. Also, it’s far easier to put on. It is not just the most commonly worn dress but also one of the ancient dresses of all time. There are ample patterns available out there in the market but looking perfect needs a good, intelligent and careful choice. Here we give you a brief introduction to various types of Salwar kameez designs to make your job easier. 

Desi Patiala Salwar Suit:

Patiala salwar kameez design is trending and there is no reason why these suits shouldn’t. Mostly stitched out of soft fabric, these salwar suits are breathable, making you feel lighter and relaxed. There’s no occasion, where you can not wear a Salwar Kameez. 

Recently, Generation Z is donning it to make a contemporary style statement with a traditional taste. Modern Punjabi suit designs include the decollete styled neck or sleeveless kameez which have become partywear favourites.

The introduction of neon colours have brought together a new side of ethnic fashion. These suits have also raised their popularity among office going women, as they are not only comfortable but give out a poised look at the same time.

Traditional Anarkali Salwar Kameez:

It’s stunning how the Indian Anarkali salwar kameez design can look awesome if styled the correct way. This venerable Indian salwar kameez made an entry in all forms and glory to stun everybody and is making women of all ages look drop-dead gorgeous. 

If you hate wearing lehengas & find them difficult, you need to give Anarkali salwar suit a shot because besides being elegant and timeless, this suit is really easy to spend long hours in. There are many designs and patterns to choose from, be it the simple one with the least embroidery for casual wear or the beautifully printed Karamkali Anarkali.

They are also available in silk which is the prime choice of designers for its appearance and grandeur feel. The brides in the contemporary world to love sporting heavily embroidered Anarkali Salwar Suit in a wedding reception. Thus, making Anarkali a multi affair suit.

Eye-catching Floor Length Salwar Suit:

In standard salwar kameez design, the kurta does not extend up to floor-length. But present-day   Anarkali suits flaunt the kurta till floor length. This Anarkali Salwar Kameez is fabricated using traditional motifs and patterns inspired by nature like floral embroidery and designs of vines and peacocks. Abstract designs and prints are incorporated to impart a modern appeal to the ancient outfit recently. 

In order to create a balance between tradition and contemporary fashion, these floor-length Salwar suits have struck the right chord. With its global appeal and heavy embroidery work, these salwar kameez designs have become a favourite among all eyes.

Modern Salwar Suit with Jacket:

Jackets in all shapes, forms, vibrant shades, fabrics are ruling the latest fashion trends. In any season, traditional combo needs little modernization to look fabulous in its own uniqueness. Adding jackets to Salwar kameez is an interesting experiment and it does trick.

One can make her salwar kameez design look exceptional by adding jackets with various embellishments, a zari embroidered jacket, a single coloured jacket, a brocade jacket and many more. A long jacket, short jacket, half sleeves, full sleeves, short sleeves, quarter sleeves, sleeveless are common styles in trend with ethnic salwar kameez. These jackets tend to create a world of fashion fusion.

Adorable Palazzo Salwar Suit:

A popular outfit of the ’60s and ’70s had made a huge comeback - Palazzo Pant. A 21st-century woman is inclined to model herself in an outfit that gives a classy look with an alive attitude and Palazzo is one of the best ideals that not only satisfies the vision it also takes care of the wearer’s comfort. Palazzo paired along with kameez is known as ‘ Palazzo style salwar kameez suit’, this unique combination is making fashion industry go GAGA! 

These Salwar kameez designs are available in a variety of styles. Printed Palazzo suits,   Palazzo salwar kameez, embroidered Palazzo suits are some of the popular styles of these suits. These Palazzo suits are mainly made of fabrics like cotton, georgette, satin, Brasso and silk that give an alluring look.

Decent Churidar Salwar Suit:

This fashionable Churidar salwar kameez designer suit evolved as a decent outfit for women in India but soon became hugely admired all over the globe. Churidar salwar kameez has a beautiful fit and drape a woman perfectly, emphasizing the curves in a modest, appealing manner.

Churidars for festivals and ceremonies usually come with traditional designs and colours while party wear churidars are often more innovative, utilizing newer silhouettes and fabrics as well as the latest designs.

Evergreen Bandhani Salwar Suit: 

The Technique of Bandhani is a tie and dye process and the word is derived from the Sanskrit word bandh which essentially means to tie. This style is predominantly seen in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Bandhani salwar kameez design is evergreen in the fashion world and it suits women in all seasons. 

The Bandhani salwar suit designs are also known as Leheriya, Ekdali, Shikari, and Mothra. Wearing Bandhani in different colours today indicates that it is a modish version of this style. Once the processing of the work is over, it creates a plethora of different shapes such as squares, strips, dots and waves, each with its own magnetism.

Ethnic Pakistani Salwar Suits:

South Asia is full of many impressive embroidery skills. The cross-cultural confluence and cultural development have influenced fashion here. Pakistan is a country where the glorious culture of the Mughal era remains a distinct feature. The influence of Mughal traditions is thus evident in women's wear as well.

The latest Pakistani fashion often combines elements from western fashion with ethnic designs, presenting the best of the east and west globe. The Pakistani salwar suit is a beautiful symbol of unity in diversity. It elegantly brings together a modest silhouette with very ornate designs, resulting in an outfit that is both antique and stylish. These Pakistani salwar suits are trendy enough to be worn for parties, ceremonies, events or a regular basis.

Bollywood Style Salwar Suit:

It’s common for decades now, to look up to Bollywood actress‘ outfits by women globally. The elegance of Bollywood salwar kameez design is totally different as they are made unique for each occasion. 

Bollywood actresses who love to set fashion trends every time they attend parties or events have taken the worth of Bollywood Salwar Kameez to the peak. Whether it’s for a casual, semi-formal or formal salwar suit, the leading ladies who have always been one step ahead of the crowd are there to rescue you.

Official Salwar suit with Pant Style:

Improvising has reached a new level with Salwar Kameez, turning to Pant Kameez. It’s true that fashion has no boundaries as we can see clothes around us taking a modern curve. The staple dress of an Indian woman has turned into a fashion statement for many because of these innovations and breaks the ruling attitude.

Pants such as Harem pants with a slightly fitted ankle and a baggy look. They come in varied colours and prints. Straight fit parallel pants are too very much in demand. These are like formal pants. This Salwar kameez design has become the epitome of empowered women as it’s mainly preferred by working women.

Beautiful Floral Print Salwar suit:

Salwar kameez is worn across the Indian sub-continent by women of all ages. One of the most popular sub-types of this quintessential Indian outfit is the floral salwar kameez design. This is a salwar kameez beautified with flower-based or flower-inspired designs. The bright, summery vibe of these vibrant outfits makes them the ideal summer-wear garment. 

A floral print salwar kameez can come with many different types of designs and patterns. Popular varieties include large, stylized depictions of single flowers such as roses, jasmine, lotuses, lilies, and poppies, detailed patterns consisting of the motif of a tiny flower and branches with exquisite blooms prettily displayed.

Distinct Dhoti Salwar Kameez:

Kameez with the dhoti style salwar is in trend these days known as the Dhoti salwar kameez. It looks similar to Patiala but distinctly different. This salwar consists of numerous pleats that start at the front and go to the back from the side so that the side forms a “ U” shape.  

Dhoti salwar kameez design replaces salwar from the south with dhoti from the south and still retain the awesomeness! Dhoti salwar with Kurti may look challenging but with confidence and the right choice, it’s easy to pull it off..

Salwar Kameez With Front Zip:

These Salwar kameez designs are new inline and hot in the market. The kameez has a zip in front giving it a hip look making it popular among young girls and women. It comes out it various types of collars ranging from round, V and office look. They can be worn in parties as well as music festivals because they're out of the box look.


Ethnic Salwar Suit (Silk fabric and traditional types):

The silk fabric Salwar kameez provides relaxation and soft touch to the body. The silk Salwar suit looks shining apart from others making it more expensive and worth having than others. It elevates your reputation and gives out a rich feel. This Salwar kameez design is inspired to fit the body perfectly.

The traditional types of Salwar kameez are apt for family occasions. These have ethnic designs and heavy embroidery giving it a royal look. They are famous among celebrities across the globe. This Salwar kameez design can be called the queen of all designs.


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