Jacket Lehenga - A Perfect Attire For Weddings & Parties

There is nothing like a lovely lehenga. And hey millennial, Jacket style lehenga choli is the way to go!  It's fuss-free and makes you look majestic. There are a variety of designs and styles in this jacket lehenga choli collection. You can flaunt your powerful character donning this apparel.


The ethnic Lacha lehenga famous in Punjab and parts of Pakistan is the inspiration behind Jacket styled with lehenga. Lacha lehenga was one of the most liked among brides to be in the past and is even preferred today. The perfect match between elegance and comfort made this attire a winner. Then came the Jacket lehenga choli making big waves in the fashion industry and brought a modern touch to it. The Jacket style lehenga could be worn in all festivals and ceremonies.


Parts of Jacket Lehenga:


The Jacket is what you wear over the choli. An outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and fastening down the front or back. A jacket not only keeps you warm but also lifts up your charm.


A full ankle-length skirt, mostly ethnic, that’s worn on traditional occasions. The Lehenga comes in variants like the Mermaid, A Belt, Circular, Straight Cut and many more. For a bride with the perfect figure, a Jacket with Mermaid lehenga would be the right choice.


A long piece of clothing worn with the dress, over the head or shoulders to notch up the attire’s look as well as cover head while the ceremonies.



Attributes of the Jacket lehenga choli :

The upward trend in the level of innovation in the fashion industry led to the birth of Jacket Lehenga Choli. Dive in with us to know about the features of this attire.

Because of its stylish and thin design, the jacket lehenga attire is not only famous in India but globally. They are available in fabrics such as chiffon, net, silk, crepe, brocade and more. The colours range from warm to cool and light to dark. The beautiful embroidery with beads, stones, zari, and sequins makes it look royal.


They are suitable for all body types as the jacket cover your maybe flaws completely. It makes you look beautiful and tall. You can buy the Jacket style lehenga ready-made or go to the tailor as most people to customize and look unique. Either go for a subtle serene design or embrace your creative side and deck it up with flashy embellishment.

Jacket style lehenga choli: A Perfect Blend of Tradition & Modernism

The Jacket style lehenga choli is like pumping fresh air into the classics. The traditional lehenga took a modern turn to land at the jacket lehenga choli junction. This amazing attire is not just suitable for festivals or traditional ceremonies but also for modern parties. Blending something so authentically old to something so modern is like celebrating Diwali with Tomorrowland’s DJs playing music for you. 

The Jacket lehenga collection has ample of variants. Starting from one with a long jacket, the choli is covered over by a jacket that ends below the hip. Sometimes, it even touches the ankle. Neatly up-done hair and danglers or hoop earring would look good. Second is the net jacket, it consists of a high collar and is also accompanied by dupatta at times. It is majorly kept basic with thin borders.

A lehenga with short jacket heavily embroidered adds charm to your beauty. This jacket lehenga attire gives you a sleek and poised look. The designs vary from backless to deep cut and bulky to slim fit.  

A coat type lehenga with a short jacket is also a nice dress to have in your closet. They come with short and long sleeves usually and create a powerful aura around you with you as the charismatic epicentre.


The Trending Style At This Wedding Season

The wedding season is around the corner. For all Indian brides to be who are looking for that one dress which would make her look ethereal on her special day.  Go for bridal lehenga choli with the jacket. You have been wishing to look like a queen since teenage. You are looking for something trendy, stunning and pleasant at the same time. Well, each of these aspects gets covered when you wear a Jacket style choli and lehenga.  

The dress comes in various designs from floral embroidered ones to jacquard printed ones. The colours play a magical spell on the apparel by blending in an alluring manner. The best thing about this lehenga choli is its quality of making you appear flawless!


Lastly, the jacket lehenga choli is the epitome of dominance in the bridal fashion industry. Weddings or parties mostly prolong for hours and being comfortable throughout is important. The lehenga with a short jacket or be it long is easy to carry and significantly more comfortable than other styles. The Urban India online store has an awesome collection of Jacket style lehengas.

This site has ready-made exquisitely embroidered jackets and blends of colours that are unique and attractive. Go buy the latest designs and styles of these apparel and make good use of your money and time

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