Dressing Ideas For Diwali 2019

It’s that time of the year again to light up your home. It’s Diwali! The excitement starts lingering your mind nearly a month before the festival. There’s so much to look forward to. Right from festive gifts, get-togethers, yummy food, crackers, lightings, etc. But something that tops the list of one and all is Diwali Outfits.

Women, Men, and kids alike are looking to shop from the latest collections of Diwali Outfits of 2019. The options are many, but you always look for something that fits in your budget and is breathtakingly beautiful.

In today’s millennial generation, trends change every day. This is mostly because the latest fashion trends have now become accessible to everyone. Online shopping has become the norm. This festive season is no different. All online stores are geared up to make it a Happy Diwali for all its customers.


Styling The Modern Indian Woman 

Women in India are now much bolder in their choices. They make comfort a priority but are smart in weaving the most stunning fashion statements with it. When it comes to festive Diwali outfit ideas, they have an inclination to sport ethnic wear. These ensembles are mostly western fusion, indo-western clothing, etc. that make way for crop tops to be fused with a long skirt.


Here we enlist the  best options to flaunt your Diwali Outfit in 2019:


The hot-favourite clothing of every woman in Indian apparel today is a gown. The variety and options available in bright colours as well as pastels are humongous. Some patterns that stand out and give it an extra edge are cold-shouldered sleeves, ruffles, etc.

A gown is the most favourite outfit to wear at a Diwali party. It has the comfort of a free-flowing dress, yet, maintains the ethnicity and beauty of traditional wear. You definitely want to seek free movement in your dress to actively participate in celebrating Diwali by lighting diyas, making rangolis, or even firing crackers.

Gowns are also a great choice as they are easy to accessorize. Simply pairing long earrings with hair let loose and a signature bracelet is good enough to complete your look. 


Lehenga Style Saree:

Sarees have forever been 9 yards of pure grace when any woman adorns it. Nothing can weave the magic as a saree does. It is one clothing that makes every woman look enchanting disregard the shape, size or colour. 

No doubt that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But, a saree can enhance the beautiful woman that you already are.  There are a number of variations in the length and styles in which you can wear a saree. The most trending designer saree nowadays is lehenga style saree.

The peculiar feature of lehenga saree is, it is the best amalgamation of flare and movement due to lehenga and the elegance of the drape of a saree. This saree type is an evolved one and accepted by women of different generations. 

It has that subtle modern touch to the traditional saree which is the signature apparel of Indian women. This makes it the perfect choice as a Diwali outfit when you are hosting the party or during rituals.


Palazzo Suits:

Fashion has become less volatile. It is not just one trend that everyone is focusing on. The clothing industry today is in the best harmony of multiple things going together. One outfit that emerges as a result of this is the Palazzo suit.

Palazzo pants exude sophistication. They are wide, loose-legged trousers that flare right from the waist. They are mostly of light-weight fabrics that impart a free-flowing and breezy look to it. Palazzo suits are the best choice for Diwali as they give you the freedom to enjoy various activities during the festival, at the same time you look dressed up suitably for the festival.

Palazzo suits come with different styles of palazzo pants nowadays and you can choose one of these for your more than perfect Diwali outfit.:


  • Pleated Palazzo
  • Side-slit Palazzo
  • Trouser style Palazzo
  • Straight-cut Palazzo
  • Layered Palazzo

Anarkali Suit With Cape:

Anarkali suits have become a woman’s best friend when it comes to attending a traditional event or gatherings with family and friends. To add the right amount of spice to it is the newest discovery of adding a cape to it.

Women these days experiment with what they wear. The small tweaks they make, personalize how they wish to present themselves. There are many variations to adding a cape to your dress. It can be the choice of fabric, like chiffon, net, georgette, etc. 

Alternatively once can create a contrast by playing with colours of your Anarkali suit and cape. Also, you can choose from a plethora of textures and prints. You can wear cigarette pants with your Diwali Anarkali suit with a cape.


Sharara Suits:

This world-famous attire was like a gift of fashion for Indian women by the Mughals decades ago. Sharara pants are basically loose pants divided in the middle. Its peculiarity is in the flare that starts at the knees.

Sharara suits have a very defined length of Kurti/top that is worn over it. The modern take on the Sharara suit offers discretion as to whether to pair a dupatta with it or not. Women often prefer high neck, or standing collared top to go with sharara suits.

Sharara suits are a hot favourite among actresses in Bollywood. You can stylize your look with a messy bun and don’t forget to pair-up beautiful oxidized jewellery along. You can either choose a dress with heavy embellishments for an evening look or subtle shades and breathable fabric for a day look.


Slit Kurti With Dhoti Pant:

Think about high-fashion and apparel with a desi vibe, the first thing to strike you are front slit, stylish Kurtis. The number of ways you can stylize these outfits is numerous. Symmetry is boring. So, many women are now creating an outstanding look by wearing a slit Kurti with dhoti pants. They pair up the slit Kurti that has an asymmetric length with puffed up dhoti pants. 

This asymmetric Kurtis is a great way to accentuate your figure. Though this dress is not well suited for all body types, wearing it in different ways can work wonders. Slit Kurti with dhoti pants is the best fit as a Diwali outfit as it is the most hassle-free dress and you can have loads of fun wearing it. 

This ensemble will not obstruct your movement. Moreover, there are many online options available these days that you can shop from. 


With Diwali just around the corner, you must definitely be looking for options to shop. Urban India, the ethereal Indian online clothing store is all set to bring to you the latest trends for Diwali outfits 2019. You can find all the collection specially curated to suit every woman’s style quotient. So, light up your wardrobe this Diwali by shopping from Urban India.

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