Designer Frill & Ruffle Sarees: The Trend of Bollywood

Bollywood and Indian fashion have forever been an entangled tale. Their influence on each other has been remarkable and undeniable. Speaking about sarees, they are every woman’s favourite apparel when they think about something authentically Indian. 

What makes a saree so sought after is that it’s six yards of pure grace that reveals the right amount and hides the right. There’s a saree that suits every body type. Every face-cut and every complexion. There’s nothing the right choice of saree can’t do to make you look flawless.

Women opt for sarees on both casual daily wear as well as special occasions. Sarees for party wear are also very much in vogue and there is an entire section of wardrobe that women curate for designer sarees. The most trending out of which are ruffle sarees or the frill sarees. 

The ruffle sarees have made a dramatic comeback after a very long time. But they have become the most preferred style of Bollywood actresses, celebrities and women who love fashion alike. 

If you check any online store today, there is an entire range of designer ruffle sarees available which you can shop from. The frill sarees design is also what makes it unique. Most women prefer plain frill saree with textured blouses and that is among the most shopped when you look for the latest frill sarees online.

Some women like to keep a minimal yet quirky look for which they drape the simple saree but pair it up with a ruffle blouse. There is also a wide range of frill saree blouse designs that the ever-innovative designers come up with.

A great occasion calls for an equally great saree, and, what is a better way than to celebrate it with a marvellous designer ruffle saree?


Types of Designer Ruffle Sarees to Experiment with:

A designer saree is like a jewelled possession for a woman. And, a frill saree is one that must definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Here’s what you can look for when opting for ruffle sarees:

  • Ruffled Hem Saree:

This type of saree has a bordered ruffle running throughout the hem of the saree. There are variations in this too, like the width of the hem, the ruffles could be at one border or both depending on the styling and designing of the saree. This type of saree looks quite chic and cute.


  • Multi-tiered Ruffle Saree:

In this type, there are multiple layers of ruffles stitched one over the other creating an effect like that of wearing a skirt or lehenga. Women often choose this style when it comes to attending a cocktail party or a pool party.


  • Pre-stitched Designer Ruffle Saree:

This is a very customized form of the saree wherein the designer carefully creates the drape as per the customer’s choice and puts in signature look of ruffles for the varying length of the pallu, and designs in the front pleats.


Types Of Draping:

You can make a ruffled saree look spectacular just by changing the draping style. Here’s how that can be done:

  • The Mumtaz drape:

This wrap-around style from the 70’s Bollywood is an evergreen gift as it is as popular as it was at that time. When it comes to ruffles and Mumtaz-style draping, the combination is perfect as bread and jam. This style accentuates the body-hugging look and plays with the frills, something that intends the best for a frilled saree.


  • Lehenga style:

In this draping pattern, many pleats are present at regular intervals all-around the waist creating an illusion of a lehenga. This style goes great with ruffled saree as the frill adds to a better presentation of the lehenga. You can wear a signature blouse with a plain frill saree in lehenga drape for the perfect look.

  • Ordinary Drape:

Well, Yes! An ordinary drape can also make you look ravishing in a ruffled saree. You can either opt for an open pallu or a pleated one depending on the fabric, print, and styling of your saree.

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