Bridal Lehenga Choli With Most Recent Designs & Variations 2019

The day when two people promise to live their lives together, it becomes special. Indian weddings are generally huge affairs with traditions prolonging for a considerable period. Gone are the days of picking up the best lehenga choli and being satisfied. Your attire not only needs to look uniquely gorgeous but also feel right to carry throughout the ceremonies.

It's extremely difficult and tiresome to pick your desired Indian bridal dress. What makes it so difficult is the vision to have it all in one. It must be in accordance with the latest fashion, look distinctive, be comfortable and also have your choice. Here's a list to look into before you make your choice.

Variations And Designs in bridal lehenga collection:-

Bridal Circular Lehenga: 

Being one of the traditional variations, this lehenga has bounced back into fashion with new designs and unconventional ways of styling it. Circular lehengas are grabbing the attention of many millennial brides. This lehenga has volume as it has many pleats. You can customize your outfit by choosing fabrics and colours which blend perfectly. Also, go for huge borders at the hem.


The circular bridal lehenga collection with modern designs and styling look a class apart. Bejewelled with Dori work or Kundan work, this outfit looks breathtaking. But keep in mind that over the board embroidery won't go well with this type of lehenga. Though you can wear heavy embroidered choli and dupatta to give it an elegant ethnic look.

Bridal Mermaid Lehenga: 

If you are looking to flaunt your fit look, this Indian lehenga design would suit you the best. As the name suggests, it is a form-fitting top half paired with lower half gradually flaring out as it hits the ground. 


This outfit is also labelled as the fish cut. The mermaid collection makes a woman look like a mythical exquisite mermaid.

They are made of fabrics that impart a well-defined movement as well as retain cuts and flares. They should be made keeping in mind that they shouldn’t lose its shape because that's the thing setting it apart from the rest. These ensembles give you a regal look and are found in a variety of rich designs.

Bridal A Belt Lehenga: 

Indian bridal lehenga cholis with a belt have been trending and why won't they? Not only do they look cool but make carrying your attire easier. Originating in the south as the brides there wear gold chains along their waist. Modern designs have taken over the market and Bollywood brides wearing them have given a boost to its popularity.


Today, it’s not only limited to gold. There are various types of belts for this bridal lehenga collection. The ones that meld with your lehenga choli yet look distinctly beautiful at the same time. Simple chains of silver, gold or even studded with a diamond notching up the elegance meter. A zardosi belt makes the outfit royal. A leather belt with an alluring buckle looks great as well on this Indian bridal lehenga choli.

Bridal Zardosi Lehenga:

In the lehenga collections, zardosi lehenga has a unique place. Zardosi is an ancient embroidery practice in India but is still eye-catching in modern fashion. It uses silver, gold or wires of different colours to form designs on a variety of fabrics. This Indian bridal lehenga choli gives an exotic look to the one who dons it.

Zardosi lehengas are in major demand during the bridal season because this ensemble is the dress of most bride's vision for her special day. India being rich in art has the best zardozi lehenga collection. A zardosi has always been the king of wedding seasons for centuries.

Bridal Velvet Lehenga:

A great choice for winter, these garms keep you warm while serving the purpose of making you look extravagantly pretty. It has been over the fashion ramps globally with almost every designer applying their magic on it. They have created many designs and styles for the brides.

The fabric gives a vintage and superior charisma to this bridal lehenga collection. They can never go out of fashion as they look great with any kind of work. There are hundreds of ways to wear this velvet Indian bridal lehenga choli, each awesome in its own way. 

Bridal Ruffled Lehenga:

Ruffles are no more a childhood thing, the ruffled collection is taking the fashion market over. It seems that lehengas with ruffles are the next wedding trend which will stay for long. Now brides have the choice to actually become a Disney princess. Calling them anything less than ethereally beautiful would be an understatement.

It looks amazing when combined with the right accessories and jewellery. You can choose from a range of dramatic ruffles to the subtle ones. It eases your movements and gives you comfort alongside style. Being modern, they go well on contemporary silhouette blouses too.


Any to be a married woman is very excited about her special day, where would it take place and how would it look like. They also hope that everything goes as planned. Amidst these thoughts, one that keeps worrying her is “What to wear?” That’s where she needs the most help.

This blog has some of the most elegant Indian bridal lehenga cholis, which you can buy from the Urban India website. Go grab the one most suitable for your beauty and make memories to smile for a lifetime. Don't forget about the perfect clutch, trendy footwear, and most importantly classy accessories!

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