Banarasi Silk Saree - The Most Beautiful Form of Sari in India


Sarees have been an important part of the women's wardrobe for ages. They resonate with a positive vibe of cultural beauty. One of the top forms of saree is the Banarasi Silk saree. Whether you choose it as your bridal attire or for any special occasion. A Banarasi Saree never fails to add an extravagant charm to your beauty!

The variety of options that are available in the market would stun you. It ranges from heavy brocade to plain net and translucent organza to the transparent ones with rich border designs. Seven yards of exceptional designs and zari work is what makes the Banarasi saree outstandingly unique.

Fashion designers of the modern age love using their magical wands on this attire. They are responsible for its global outburst, which is a result of applying contemporary intricacies to classic ways.


The Origins of Banarasi Silk Saree:

The saree dates back to the Ramayana but the Banarasi saree first came into existence in the Mughal era. It was fabricated in the oldest city of India-Varanasi. The artisans blended with the city's culture and took inspiration from it while designing. The use of zari came into the picture much later. Silk saree in its beginning days was designed by using emeralds. betel nut leaves, mango and marigold flowers. These were first made as Indian wedding sarees but then soon were seen in many special occasions. 

The Silk used to make these sarees came from China. In later years, the Chinese decided to let off the secret of sericulture after almost a thousand years. Thus, shortly the silk started getting sourced from the southern parts of India as well. Varanasi, being an Indian brocade weaving centre in the past, inspired Mughal silk saree weavers to innovate new designs. It notched up the appearance of Banarasi saree by manifolds.

Soon, silk sarees with Mughal and Indian influenced designs put together did the rounds and were accepted whole-heartedly. A beau idé al Banarasi Saree incorporated approximately 5400 thread wires. Progressively, the gold and silver zari work gave a new dimension of beauty to this apparel.


Characteristics of Banarasi Silk Saree:

Banarasi sarees are relatively heavy due to the remarkable embroidery and brocade designs. The saree embellished with metal embroidery- Zardosi comes from the Persian word ‘zar’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘dozi’ meaning ‘sewing’ looks surreal. Gold isn’t the only metal, silver is used extensively as well. Initially, genuine gold and silver were used but now artisans make do with copper polished with silver and gold. It makes the attire affordable. Beads, buttas and heavy sequins add glam to the Banarasi silk saree. 

Brocade weaving is entirely contrary to normal weaving. Firstly, it’s more complex and requires a lot of time and planning. Some Banarasi sarees take as long as six months to be completely made. Secondly, the sarees are woven on handloom attached with dobby or jacquard and normally three people are required. One for the main designing, the other for borders and the third person involved in revolving the ring, maintaining uniformity.

The brocade is made in a variety of designs ranging from Karchob, the heavily decorated brocade and vice versa the Kamdani. Consisting of attractive colours and patterns, the Banarasi silk saree when donned looks regal. Colours like brown or maroon in combination with green and gold stands out complementing your appeal. This made the Banarasi saree famous as a party wear saree other than being liked as a traditional occasion outfit.  

When it comes to motifs, Shikhar Garh designs have animal motifs like lions, tigers and elephants. Floral motifs can be seen in the Butidar designs. The creeper motifs in gold or silver are found on Beldar design.

The major Banarasi saree manufacturers are located in Azamgarh, Gorakhpur and Varanasi. This silk saree is sought-after all over the world. But you don’t need to visit these places for an authentic saree. Find the best Banarasi silk sarees online with a price tag ranging from affordable to very affordable at Urban India. Fill your cart and check out with joy!


Types of Banarasi Silk Saree: 

The Banarasi sarees come in fabric varieties like Georgette, Katan, Shatter and Organza(Kora). The Georgette is comparatively lighter than other fabrics. If you are attending an event and want to be footloose, a Georgette Banarasi saree will be perfect. Pure silk threads are swivelled and woven into pure silk sarees called Katan sarees. They have beautiful patterns and motifs.


In Organza fabric saree, silver or copper threads are coated with gold and are woven around the silk to generate lovely zari brocade. The Shatter fabric is used to form amazing designs on the saree. Also, there are 5 major designs you can divide Banarasi silk sarees into, namely:


  • Cutwork Sarees - 


They are one of the finest varieties available but are less expensive than most. Prepared by cutwork technique using the amalgamation of silk and cotton, they feature motifs of marigold, jasmine, leaves and creepers.


  • Tissue Sarees - 


Famously known as the Golden cloth, tissue sarees have wefts made of golden zari. A gold lotus floating in a pond is the most commonly used design in this saree type. The borders are covered by several paisleys i.e teardrop-shaped motifs with curved upper end.


  • Tanchoi Sarees - 


These sarees are ideal for wedding ceremonies. The craftsmen use colourful silk yarns to weave patterns of beautiful designs. The Jamawar style paisley and Labyrinth woven by zari adds merit to this attire.


  • Butidar Sarees 


The artisans call it Ganga-Jamuna because of a distinct aspect of this saree. It is brocaded with both silver and gold alongside silk. The gold is darker in shade than usual. The motifs used are locally called Latiffa Butti, Baluchar Butta, Jhari Butta, Ashrafi Butti, Angoor bail and more.


  • Jangla Sarees - 


The name comes from the pattern of design that differentiates it from other types. It has Jangala motifs spread across the length of the saree. These sarees are known to be one of the most ancient ones. The luxurious fabric made it apt for queens.


Now that you know what to look for when you decide to buy a Banarasi saree. What are you waiting for? It’s a must-have attire. 

Brides to be, opt for Polki sets of necklace, earrings and bangles or traditional Kundan to accessorize. Women who are attending parties or festivals, gold filigree necklaces or Meenakari would be perfect. More celebrities today are sporting designer sarees. Banarasi sarees top that list because of its ability to add astonishing spark to your personality.

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